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Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
. this mockup is based on the skull remained found in a dig 90 miles northwest of london. yesterday, archaeologists confirmed this skeleton is that indeed of the long lost king. famous from richard iii. talking to a woman behind the search in the next hour. fascinating stuff. >>> david letterman face to face with the butt of many of his jokes. he brought a tasty prop and a healthy dose of humor. >> i have made a few jokes, not just one or two, intermittent. but -- >> i didn't know this was going to be this long. >> now, wait a minute. maybe you can do that sort of thing in your state, buddy. >> i don't care if you're funny. from my perspective, the joke is funny, i laugh, even if it's about me. if it's not funny, i don't laugh. but i've never felt like it was anything that really bugged me all that much. >> now, what percentage of the jokes have you found funny? >> about 40%. roughly. >> can i just say, he's got good comic timing. >> great comic timing a great sport and smart to come on with the doughnut. you never know when you might get hungry, right? >> there you go. >>> in just
Feb 25, 2013 4:00am PST
-country tour. 10 downing street in london where he met with david cameron and then he met with william hay. he will then head to turkey and to the middle east. >>> south korea made history, inaugurating its first ever female president. park geun-hye has pledged peace. she has apologized for human rights abuses during her father's time in power. let's go back to soledad in hollywood. >> all right, john. back to oscars talk. ben affleck's comeback may be complete. a two-time oscar winner, the road to becoming a top hollywood director has been a rocky one for him. nischelle turner with back for more on that. >> who would have thought 15 years ago, and he matt damon on the stage getting the oscar for "good night hunting." he would have overnight success, then crashed pretty hard and had to rebuild his life and career. seems like he did. because last night he was back on top. >> everyone who did anything with this movie. >> a speech full of thank thank yous for ben affleck after winning the best picture for "argo." >> i'm honored to be here among these extraordinary movies and really honored to
Feb 11, 2013 4:00am PST
robertson joining us by phone. nic, lots of questions. nic live in london this morning. a bit of a stunner. was there any indication that this resignation was coming? >> absolutely none whatsoever, and the last few months, the pope started a twitter account, not what you expect the pope to do when he would say his pope is deteriorating. the pope has looked deep into his conscience, this is a personal and profound decision that he has made with god in light of the responsibilities he has. and the other thing we heard from the papal spokesperson, which is interesting, because the question, is it the pope's physical health or mental health that pushed him into this position? we have heard the vatican say very clearly that the pope has done this of his own free will, that this is dune legone legall pope recognizes the gravity of the situation there is a sense here that what the vatican is doing is the pope is very aware of what it's doing. this gives an indication of a mental health deterioration than physical abilities. >> yet there, is no indication he is canceling any appointments or a slew
Feb 6, 2013 4:00am PST
is london. >> a lot of arts and visual english majors in paris. >> visual arts major then goes on to a corporate reader. >> brooklyn and queens and staten island are skewing new york down. i think there's some skewing happening. >> maybe. this story is such an interesting story little kid, alex evans he's kind of shocked because he's now been suspended from school. here's what he said. >> i just can't believe i got dispended. >> "i got dispended. ." he's a second grander, his mom mandy watkins said her alex threw a fake grenade during recess, what he was doing was he didn't have anything in his hand, threw the grenade and started saving people because he was going in to rescue them so he was using his imagination. the school says there are these list of absolutes that the school, the list is here, the absolutes for mary blair elementary school which is in loveland, colorado, no physical abuse or fights, real or play fighting, no weapons, real or play, and kids in second grade, how do you enforce that. >> sorry, is this school? just bring them inside, don't let them go outside.
Feb 15, 2013 4:00am PST
, not a suburb. pistorius made history when he competed in the 2012 summer games in london. he won a silver medal as part of the south african relay team. brooke? >> i recognize you. >> it's still warm. >> hey brooke. >> reporter: thank you, i'm brooke baldwin in mobile, hours ago the infamous "triumph" behind me here was pushed into port by four different tugboats, remember at one point the line snapped, they replaced it yesterday afternoon so now this steady stream of more than 4,000 people finally got off this boat, all very much so this morning relieved to be off this swaying, stinky ship. it was the sound passengers waited five agonizing days for, the horn signaling that carnival "triumph" had finally arrived in port. cheers, ending days of misery. >> happy tobe home. >> wonderful to be home. >> reporter: passengers headed to a hot shower and warm bed, leaving their documented vacation from hell behind, many heaping praise on the crew in the process. >> they served us with smiles and served us in ways that are truly unthinkable. >> as unthinkable as this, the infamous red bags used in place
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)